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Utah Gas Corporation is a private firm strategically focused on natural gas production, gathering, and processing in the Rockies. UGC’s talented team of industry experts bring decades of experience focused on operational efficiency and land reclamation.

Our long life proven reserves and infrastructure position us to responsibly develop our existing 250,000+ acres of leasehold. We take pride in optimizing the efficient recovery of our energy and helium resources for the benefit of our growing economy.

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Utah Gas Corporation is a diversified energy development company. We own more than 250,000 acres of mineral leases with over 700 wells. We also own and operate over 500 miles of gas gathering pipelines and two gas processing plants.

We produce crude oil, field condensate and natural gas which we process at our gas plants located near Rangely and Mack, Colorado into natural gas liquids, regular and refrigeration grade propane and helium.