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Utah Gas Corporation focuses on the production and development of clean burning natural gas in the Rocky Mountain region.

We are fortunate to operate on some of the most beautiful public land in the country and we are diligent in our stewardship of this magnificent landscape. We invest in our leases for the long term and pride ourselves on consistently going above and beyond the stringent environmental standards set by the states of Colorado and Utah and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for mineral lease owners.

We work together with these agencies to enhance public access to our leases by maintaining BLM access roads and restoring our leases to their natural state for future generations to enjoy. Our operations both old and new are planned and operated with as small a development footprint as possible.

We are headquartered in Rangely, Colorado and we are very proud to operate in the states of Colorado and Utah. Our company and our employees are committed to giving back to communities where we live and operate. We pride ourselves in taking care of the beautiful landscapes where we are privileged to operate our facilities.

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